How to Claim Rewards on Wizely

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whether the task at hand is to manage your finances or track your expenses or save money everyday, a little motivation will always push you to do better and achieve much more than you can imagine.

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And that is exactly why we are encouraging you to take part in different challenges (Wellness Challenge, Saving Challenge, Spend Challenge) on the Wizely app and earn rewards. Every challenge will give you an opportunity to improve your financial habits, spend wisely, save more money and be mindful of your overall financial health. And the more challenges you will complete, the more rewards you will be likely to win.

You can know more about the three Challenges here:

Wellness Challenge
Saving Challenge
Spend Challenge

Once you finish these challenges, you will automatically become eligible for rewards on the Wizely app. Here's how you can claim your rewards on the app.

How to Claim Rewards on Wizely?

  1. Visit the 'Rewards' section under the 'Wellness' tab on the Wizely app.
  2. Check the 'Eligible Rewards' under each reward type (Wellness/Spending/Saving).
  3. Click on the 'Claim' button next to each of the Eligible Rewards.
  4. Choose / Enter your UPI ID and verify it.
  5. Claim your reward using the same verified UPI ID.
  6. The amount will be credited in your account shortly.

All the rewards claimed by you will be listed under 'Claimed Rewards' for each reward type. You can check the 'Upcoming Rewards' to know the rewards that are upcoming for you.

Remember: The more financial recommendations you follow, the more rewards you are likely to earn on the Wizely app.

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Team Wizely

Team Wizely