Take Part in Wizely's Spend Challenge & Earn Rewards

We know that budgeting and tracking expenses are extremely important to our financial well-being, but sometimes it can become a little boring. And when that happens, we can find ourselves in a rut with our savings, get into a spending spree and start to undo all the hard work we have done to get our finances on track.

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But the good news is that with a little strategy and Wizely's help, you can enjoy the process of budgeting, take part in a Spend Challenge and even earn rewards while you are working towards your financial wellness and growth.

What is Wizely's Spend Challenge?

Wizely's Spend Challenge is designed to motivate you to stay within your monthly budget and spend less, while helping you earn rewards and improve your financial wellness.

All you need to do to enter the Spend Challenge is to set your monthly budget on the Wizely app and maintain the recommended daily average spend everyday. Maintain a 3-day/7-day/10-day/15-day streak of spending within your daily budget and earn rewards.

How to Participate in Wizely's Spend Challenge?

  1. Download the Wizely app (if you still haven't!).
  2. Complete the initial on-boarding and set a budget amount based on the app's recommendation.
  3. Know your average daily spend (as calculated by the app) to stay within your budget.
  4. Enter the first 3-day Spend Challenge and stick to your average daily spend for 3 consecutive days to earn a reward.
  5. Continue the streak for another 4 consecutive days to enter the 7-day Spend Challenge and earn a reward.
  6. Similarly, enter and finish the 10-day and 15-day Spend Challenges to earn more rewards.

Remember: You can monitor your expenses on the Wizely app everyday to stay within the recommended budget limit. The rewards section on the app shows you the 'Eligible Rewards' where you can claim your rewards and the 'Upcoming Rewards' where you can check out the upcoming challenges where you can take part.

The best part is that the Spend Challenges refreshes every month so you can participate anytime and maintain a 3-day/7-day/10-day/15-day streak to earn rewards!

So what are you waiting for? Take part in the Spend Challenge NOW and earn rewards only on the Wizely app!

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Team Wizely

Team Wizely