Participate in The Saving Challenge & Earn Rewards

The best time to start saving money is right now! Saving money is a habit, and the longer you form this habit, the longer it will pay you.

But we do understand that saving money can be hard sometimes. An unexpected emergency or an impulse purchase or even lending money to a friend can throw you off the savings track. And despite everything under control, it is hard to get into the savings mindset sometimes.

Which is why we are introducing The Saving Challenge on Wizely to help you get into the habit of saving money and earn rewards as well!

Watch this video to know how you can take part in The Saving Challenge on Wizely and win rewards.

What is The Saving Challenge?

The Saving Challenge is designed to motivate you to save regularly and make savings a habit, while you earn rewards and improve your financial wellness on the Wizely app.

All you need to do is to save Rs 100 every week at least twice in your saving plan on Wizely. You can either create a new saving plan or save the amount in an existing saving plan.

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How to Participate in Wizely's Saving Challenge?

  1. Download the Wizely app (if you still haven't!).
  2. Create a new saving plan. It can either be a specific goal-based plan or a generic Piggy Bank for your savings.
  3. Save Rs 100 towards your Saving Plan. This will become Day 1 of the Saving Challenge for you.
  4. By Day 7, save an additional Rs 100 to qualify for the rewards.
  5. Once you have completed the Saving Challenge, you can claim your reward at the end of the week on the Wizely app.
Remember: Since it is a Saving Challenge, make sure that you do not withdraw the saved amount within the same time period. Doing so can disqualify you from the Saving Challenge and you will need to start over again.

The rewards section on the app shows you the 'Current Rewards' where you can claim your rewards and the 'Upcoming Rewards' where you can check out the upcoming challenges where you can take part.

The best part is that you can take up the Saving Challenge anytime throughout the month!

So what are you waiting for? Take part in the Saving Challenge NOW and earn rewards only on the Wizely app!

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Team Wizely

Team Wizely