4 Ways to Earn Mega Cash Rewards with Wizely Wednesdays

We all know that developing good financial habits helps us in the long run by giving us complete autonomy over our finances. How we spend our money today decides how good or difficult our financial lives will be tomorrow.

And by now, you should also know that good financial habits can also help you earn rewards and make some extra cash!

Yes you guessed it right! We are indeed talking about Wizely Wednesdays!

With Wizely Wednesdays you can earn scratch cards (aka rewards) everyday for increasing your Financial Wellness score by completing simple financial tasks on the Wizely app.

And every Wednesday, you get a chance to earn a Mega Cash Reward of up to Rs 25 lakhs! The maximum amount you can earn through this special Wizely Wednesday scratch card every week will be based on your Financial Wellness Score on that particular Wednesday.

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Now, the question still remains - What are the ways to increase your Financial Wellness score and earn cash rewards every day on the Wizely app? Let’s find out.

1. Set a Budget

After downloading the Wizely app, you must set a monthly budget based on your income. This will help you stay on track with your daily expenses and help Wizely help you to manage your money better. And this also helps increase your Financial Wellness score. In addition to this, you must also complete basic tasks such as verifying your PAN and bank details, finish your KYC process etc. to further increase your score.

2. Saving

Saving money is an essential part of your overall financial well-being and helps you with financial stability and independence. So making an emergency plan and saving for your financial goals on the Wizely app will also increase your Financial Wellness score and help you earn cash rewards. Remember that ideally your emergency fund should have at least 3-6 months of income set aside to be used only in case of financial crisis. So the more you save, the more rewards you will earn with Wizely Wednesdays!

3. Spending

If saving is one essential part of your overall financial well-being, then spending or expense management is another important pillar. Keeping a track of your daily expenses, categorising your expenses and staying within your budget every day will increase your Financial Wellness score on the app and help you earn cash rewards. Consistency is also rewarded - so the longer you stay within your budget, the more your financial score will increase and the more rewards you will earn on the app.

4. Challenges

Participate in exciting financial challenges and increase your score in the Wizely app. There are a variety of challenges for you to try on which will not only help you improve your financial habits but also increase your score and get you some awesome cash rewards! Whether you have stayed under your daily budget or crossed an important milestone in your financial life, all good progress is rewarded on Wizely!

So now you know that we are pretty serious when we say that improving your money habits will not only improve your finances but also help you earn cash rewards on Wizely!

So the better your financial habits, the more will be your Financial Wellness score and the more rewards you are likely to earn every day with a chance to earn a mega bounty of up to Rs 25 lacs every Wednesday!

Let’s get the ball rolling then! Download the Wizely app now!

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Asha Ritu

Asha Ritu