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Financial wellness is a state in which you are in complete control of your finances and have a financial plan that assures you of financial security in the foreseeable future.

Your financial wellness comprises all your financial habits (saving, spending, debt, credit etc.) so you must work on all aspects of your finances to improve your overall financial wellness. And yes it can become overwhelming sometimes to keep your finances on track!

Which is why we are introducing The Wellness Challenge on Wizely to help you improve your financial wellness and earn rewards as well!

Watch this video to know how you can take part in The Wellness Challenge on Wizely and win rewards.

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What is The Wellness Challenge?

The Wellness Challenge is designed to help you spend smarter and build a savings habit. The challenge is to improve your Wellness score by following Wizely's personalised financial recommendations.

The Wellness Score is a unique score that determines how healthy your current finances are based on criteria such as your monthly savings, budget, EMI repayments, and spending habits etc. It increases when you improve your finances.

So the higher your Wellness score, the more rewards you earn on the Wizely app.

How to Participate in Wizely's Wellness Challenge?

  1. Download the Wizely app (if you still haven't!).
  2. Answer a few questions on the app to know your current Wellness score and ways to improve it.
  3. Then follow Wizely's personalised financial recommendations to increase your Wellness score and earn rewards.
  4. Each time you follow or complete a recommendation, your Wellness score will increase and you will earn rewards.

Remember: The smarter you become with your finances, the more rewards you are likely to earn in the Wellness Challenge.

You can check out your Wellness score milestones and the corresponding rewards under 'Upcoming Rewards' and the current rewards under 'Eligible Rewards' on the Wizely app.

So what are you waiting for? Take part in the Wellness Challenge NOW and earn rewards only on the Wizely app!

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Team Wizely

Team Wizely