10 Best Money Saving Apps in India

If you have trouble saving and managing your money, there are apps available now that you may use to get started.

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To help you manage your funds, here are India's top ten saving apps to help you get organized with your finances:

1. Mint

If you want to get your money in order, Mint is a good choice. Apart from keeping track of your spending and integrating your bank accounts to obtain a complete picture, the app analyses your spending habits and provides helpful advice on saving more and where to cut back.

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2. Wizely

If you care about your financial health and want to earn rewards then you’ve found the right app that’s being used by over a million Indians! Wizely makes it easy for you to create saving plans and save any amount and any time for emergencies and other life goals. You can start saving with just Rs 10! It also provides personalised recommendations to help you improve your financial wellness by managing your monthly budget and saving more.

3. Mvelopes

We often sit down with a pen and paper at the beginning and end of the month to calculate and manage our spending, but Mvelopes handles it for you in the digital age without any effort. The program allows you to divide your monthly budget into small areas such as food, transportation, and dwelling rent. Once the money in one envelope is depleted, you can either move it to another envelope or wait until the following month's salary. You can also link up to four accounts to keep track of your online payments on the app.

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4. Crown It

Crown It is excellent for food lovers because all you have to do to get up to 50% payback on your food bill is take a picture of it, upload it, and once it's been confirmed, you'll get up to 50% cashback in the form of points that you can redeem later while shopping.

5. Dibz

Another excellent app for food lovers is Dibz allows you to get great bargains and discounts at high-end restaurants. Apart from home delivery, the app also provides event planning services.

6. Encash

For people who enjoy the internet shopping, Encash is a good app. This app will keep you up to date on the newest bargains, cashback offers, and coupons when you shop online.

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7. mTrakr

This budget app is defined by its utmost simplicity. The simple interface maintains track of your monthly and daily expenses and your bank account and helps you uncover areas where you're splurging and ways to cut less.

8. Hopper

Hopper comes in helpful when planning a vacation because it offers you the cheapest flights and predicts the rates ahead of time to help you plan better within your budget.

9. Splitwise

Now is the time to split the bill!

Splitwise is an app that makes the arduous task of dividing the cost of an outing amongst a group of people super easy. It's ideal for college students and people who live with flatmates.

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10. Cash Karo

Finally, Cash Karo is worth mentioning when it comes to money-saving because it gives you cashback in real money in your bank account rather than just crediting it to your e-wallet. When you use CashKaro to access online shopping websites, it will show you all available cashback offers and promotions.

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Samiksha Jaiswal

Samiksha Jaiswal