4 Ways How Wizely Can Help You Save More

Wizely is an app that understands your financial life and guides you on a personalised path towards financial wellness. If you haven't yet started saving money, then we recommend you to download the Wizely app now and get started with savings now:

                                                           Start Your Savings Journey with Wizely

Here are some features that you can use to save more and regularly on Wizely:

Invest your Savings and Earn Interest - Wizely has many options that you can choose from to invest your money. You can automate your investments and earn interest on your money saved. You can even diversify your savings by learning about different types of investment options. You can even set financial goals and better understand when and how you can achieve them.

Plan your Expenses with a Budget - You can create monthly budgets for yourself and keep track of whether you are sticking to them or not. Creating an account is a great way to plan your expenses and help you achieve your financial goals much faster.

Control your Expenses with an Expense Tracker - Keep track of your costs with the Wizely's expense tracker. Once you start understanding where you are spending your money, it becomes much easier to save money.

Save for All Your Life Goals with Wizely - You want to save for a bike or get a new phone or to build a home - you can save for all these goals on Wizely.

  • Go to the ‘Saving’ tab in your Wizely app
  • Click on ‘Create a New Plan
  • Choose a specific Saving Goal or make a Custom Plan
  • Enter the 'Target Amount' and the 'Duration' (you can also keep the duration open ended i.e. without a specific duration)

Once you set this target, you will now have to decide how much time it would take you to reach that target. It is advisable to think well about how much you can save each month and then determine the period accordingly to stay regular with your savings.

Wizely is committed to help you on your financial journey and has created many features that can help you save more money and manage your finances ‘Wizely’.

Check out the Wizely app now!

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Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra