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Kudos on having reached so far. We hope by now, you understand what are saving goals.

Suppose you are still not entirely sure of the concept of goal-based savings, then do check out our blog on the same here.

What are Goal-Based Savings?

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You are a goal-getter, and you know it! With consistency and the right approach, you can reach your goals in no time. Give yourself time and decide the category your goals comes in, whether it’s a short term, mid-term or a long term goal. Identifying it is the first step to save for your future.

So, How to Make a Savings Plan on Wizely?

Creating a saving plan shouldn’t be just for significant expenses. It could be anything a phone, your wedding or a house - you can save for all these goals on Wizely.

Follow the steps below to create a savings plan with Wizely:

  • Go to the ‘Saving’ tab in your Wizely app
  • Click on ‘Create a New Plan
  • Choose a specific Saving Goal or make a Custom Plan
  • Enter the 'Target Amount' and the 'Duration' (you can also keep the duration open ended i.e. without a specific duration)

Once you set this target, you will now have to decide how much time it would take you to reach that target. It is advisable to think well about how much you can save each month and then determine the period accordingly to stay regular with your savings.

With Wizely, you can be rest assured that your hard earned money is always safe. Wizely has partnered with ICICI Bank and ICICI Prudential and runs on 128-bit encryption, making every transaction safe and secure. You can withdraw your money any time you need it.

Wizely is committed to help you on your financial journey and has created many features that can help you save more money and manage your finances ‘Wizely’.

Check out the Wizely app now!

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Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra