Introducing Wizely Wednesdays: Your Chance to Earn Mega Rewards

Do you wish you could build better financial habits?

Most of our lives are dominated by our habits and it holds true even for our finances.

Developing good financial habits can help make long-term plans and put you in complete control to make thoughtful financial decisions. Good financial habits can keep your bank accounts more in balance by preventing you from making impulsive decisions.

And in certain cases, good financial habits can also help you earn rewards and make some extra cash!

How, you ask?

Wizely is here to help you build good financial habits while rewarding you every step of the way!

Introducing Wizely Wednesdays where you can earn scratch cards (aka rewards) for increasing your Financial Wellness score by completing simple financial tasks on the Wizely app.

Let’s understand this in detail.

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What is Wizely Wednesdays?

In the Wizely app, you can earn scratch cards every day by completing simple financial tasks and participating in financial challenges. But every Wednesday, you will get a chance to claim a special Wizely Wednesday scratch card.

With the Wizely Wednesday scratch card, you will get a chance to earn up to Rs 25 lakhs in Mega Cash Reward every Wednesday! The maximum amount you can earn through this special Wizely Wednesday scratch card every week will be based on your Financial Wellness Score on that particular Wednesday.

Think of it this way: while a bank provides financial returns for maintaining a balance, Wizely provides financial returns for maintaining good financial behaviour.

What is a Financial Wellness Score?

Like we explained earlier, with Wizely Wednesdays you are rewarded for building good financial habits. But how do we measure good financial habits? With the help of a score we like to call a Financial Wellness Score.

A Wizely Financial Wellness Score is a unique score that determines how healthy your current finances are based on criteria such as your monthly savings, budget, EMI repayments, and spending habits.

So when you sign up on the Wizely app, you begin with a Financial Wellness Score of 0, and by completing specific financial tasks on the app, you can increase your Financial Wellness Score to 1000.

Since the financial tasks are designed to improve your financial health, it’s a double win for you!

So the better your financial habits, the more will be your Financial Wellness score and the more rewards you are likely to earn every day with a chance to earn a mega bounty of up to Rs 25 lakhs every Wednesday!

Sounds awesome, right? Download the Wizely app and start earning financial rewards for good financial habits.

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Asha Ritu

Asha Ritu