Download Wizely and Earn Mega Cash Rewards - Here's How

If you are looking for an app that can help you improve your financial habits and also help you make some extra cash along the way, then you have come to the right place!

With Wizely, you can earn rewards (in the form of scratch cards) everyday for completing simple financial tasks and increasing your Financial score on the app.

And every Wednesday, you get a chance to earn a Mega Cash Reward of up to Rs 25 lakhs! The maximum amount you can earn through this special Wizely Wednesday scratch card every week will be based on your Financial Wellness Score on that particular Wednesday.

To know more about what is Wizely Wednesdays and how can you increase your Financial score, check out this blog and video:

What is Wizely Wednesdays?

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Follow These Simple Steps to Get Started with Wizely

1. Download the Wizely app from the link below:

2. Sign up on the app with your phone number, name, email ID and DOB.

3. Once you complete the initial sign-up, enter your salary to complete the 1st financial task.

4. After entering the salary, you will be prompted to 'Set your monthly budget' as your 2nd financial task.

5. After completing the first two tasks, your Financial score will be displayed and you will earn your first scratch card on the app.

6. Proceed to complete the other financial tasks in a similar manner, increase your Financial score and earn more rewards on the Wizely app.

Remember: The better your financial habits, the more will be your Financial Wellness score and the more rewards you are likely to earn every day with a chance to earn a mega bounty of up to Rs 25 lacs every Wednesday!

Download the Wizely app now to get started!

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Asha Ritu

Asha Ritu