Introduction to Recommendations and SmartTips

Today, we are super excited to begin rolling out Financial Recommendations 🌱 & SmartTips⚡️.

Over the past few months we’ve come to realize through our conversations with you that getting started with your finances can be really confusing. You hear so many different opinions & you see so many advertisements for products & services you may not even understand how to use. Some of your friends tell you to invest in the stock market, others tell you they are taking a loan to travel and your roommate just bought a new smartphone on EMI.

Each of you are at different stages in your financial life & each one of you has your own unique life situations to deal with. That’s why, the financial decisions that work for your friends do not always work for you.

We thought about this for a while & decided that we wanted to do something to help you prioritize the right financial decisions based on your own finances.

Now with Wizely, by answering a few simple questions we will recommend a set of Financial Recommendations 🌱 that you can get started with right away within the Wizely app. As you continue to make progress we will continue to add more Financial Recommendations for you to start working on to better your financial life.

What’s more, based on how you continue to use the Wizely app & through an analysis of your finances (with your SMS permission) we will send you personalized SmartTips⚡️everyday to make sure you’re staying on track.

Our hope is that these will give you the clarity & direction you need to simplify your finances in your head. Try these out & let us know what you think, we will continue adding more Recommendations & smarter SmartTips over the coming months so make sure your ideas & feedback help us make these better.

Team Wizely

Team Wizely