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Creating personalised savings companion to fulfil aspirations & commitment

Wizely features on YourStory Media; our co-founders Vijay Bobba & Nihar Bobba in a conversation with Vishal Krishna, Business Editor at Yourstory

5 Most Popular AI-Powered Personal Finance
Wizely is another AI-powered money-saving app that allows its users to save little by little, offering the choice of Flexi and Savings Plan. It also claims to be India’s first digital piggybank app.
8 Best Money Saving Apps 2019 India

Smartphones have replaced many devices like calculator, torchlight, alarm, Camera, Gaming devices, etc. And now they are also acting like wallets and banks to store and transfer the money.
From Jet Airways to Stayzilla, the collapse of jobs has one message: Save. Save. Save
Quote from Wizely Cofounder Nihar Bobba gets featured in the story on job loss and savings
5 Most Popular AI-Powered Personal Finance Apps

The mobile app industry has entered the personal finance space with applications that uses techs like AI to help one in managing personal finance. Wizely gets feature in ”5 Most Popular AI-Powered Personal Finance Apps” under the opinion section by blogger Harshajit Sharma
New mobile account in India Wizely gears for launch
Wizely is launching a savings account in the Indian market that is complemented with guided advice to make the right choice in choosing financial products based on each user’s own unique situation.
Goal Based Apps Suit Investors

Before you use any goal-based investing platform, ensure that you understand the basics of mutual fund investment

Wizely look to digitise personal finance management for consumers
Wizely gets mentioned amongst companies who are set to disrupt the concept of savings!
These founders want you to save 'Wizely', one financial goal at a time

Wizely cofounders speak with Vishal Krishna from YourStory
Wizely making aspirations of young people a realty
Bengaluru base fin-tech startup Wizely is an app to help youngsters manage money

Start with small steps to achieve larger financial goals
Use a variety of saving apps to help you or create a daily calendar event on your phone to remind you to save either by transferring money into another savings..
Here are five money-saving apps for millennials
Saving for the future while keeping up with the expenses and maintaining a certain lifestyle has become a little difficult for millennials
"Hot 100 exciting technology trends that are changing the world" T3 magazine
T3 magazine features Wizely in the their May Issue as one of the hottest trend making a difference!
Helping the young manage money
The app, using a gamified approach, as also incentives, nudges users to save. “The intelligence of our ML (machine learning)-powered engine decides..
Virtual piggy banks

Handling money is a tricky business. All it takes is a couple of clicks or swiping action at a mall for you to be broke just 10 days into the month. But..
Why saving money is super simple
Saving money is often thought of as a complex and tedious activity. Every time your parents bring it up, you just want to run away from the room, isn't it? ...
Digital piggybank for new-generation savers
Wizely offers flexible, hassle-free savings. If making the millenials to invest in something was an arduous mission, getting the GenX to...
Govt should continue to promote digital narrative..
The start-ups from digital sector have pinned hope that the government, in its Interim Budget 2019, continues to promote the digital narrative for..
Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Money Better
Personal finance is a tricky game. However, with the help a good financial advisor, you will be in a position to manage your investment.
This app actually helps millennials save money..
TYou know those budgeting 101 guidelines? Yeah, they don't really work. Here's a list of other things that fail at making the millennial
Save Wizely with this app
TWizely is a digital piggy bank that offers a flexible and an easy-to-use savings platform for millennials to reach short-term, aspirational purchases and experiences..
Making aspirations and experiences attainable..
Wizely is my first full-time job, apart from several summer internships in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. The Wizely journey began 2 months prior to..
Small-towners, millennials & women take the lead..
Millennials, women and small-towners logged on to shop for financial products for the first time, driving robust growth in loans..
Start-ups demand investor friendly budget from..
The Indian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) — who are together called start-ups..
Spring clean your finances the tech way
Whether one is a businessperson, self-emplyed or simply a salaried person, earning money is difficult for all; however spending the same is definitely..
What India Expects from #Budget 2019
Budget 2019 arrives tomorrow. All eyes are fixed on the T.V. screens. However, how is the budget going to shake, shape, impact the various sectors of economy?