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According to a financial literacy survey, traditionally India covers at around 24% in financial literacy rate. It means that 76% of the population in India is financially illiterate, i.e. most Indians have a low financial literacy score.

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What Does Your Score Mean?

Low (0-2): You are NOT in control of your own finances and struggle with many financial decisions. You need start owning your finances NOW.

Average (4-6): Good job! But, you can do better and improve your financial habits and knowledge.

High (8-10): You are financially empowered. Now inspire others in your community to become equally self-sufficient.

How to Improve Your Financial Literacy?

So, wherever you are on your journey, we have some five basic ways to uplift your financial literacy game:

  1. Hit the Books - Finance books will be the key to your quest to move ahead in your financial future. Learning about personal finance is necessary at every stage of your life and is crucial for someone who does not come from a financial background. Dedicate a minimum of 1-2 hours each week to read about how to manage your money effectively.
  2. Subscribe to Newsletters and Podcasts - Books are useful, but subscribing to financial magazines and online publications can be equally crucial to your financial education. The same for podcasts. They can be a great way to soak up financial news.
  3. Take a Financial Literacy Course - Besides books and online subscriptions, you can also get involved in a financial literacy class or course, whether at an online school, college, or even an adult education centre. Many are paid, but there are some free courses online that you can explore too!
  4. Talk to Financial Professionals - A financial professional can answer your questions, whether it is about the basic day-to-day money situations or more complex long-term scenarios. He or she can also assess your current situation, help you make a plan for all of your financial needs and help you stay on track   going forward.
  5. Download Wizely - At Wizely, we believe that financial knowledge can help you make better financial decisions. So we created 'Learn and Grow' within the Wizely app where you can read up on all kinds of financial topics, watch fun videos, take quizzes and make your financial decisions with ease. So go ahead and download the Wizely app from the link below.

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Team Wizely

Team Wizely