Wizely, India’s Top Trending Fintech App, is made for the people who want to save money for their dreams and aspirations. After fulfilling more than 1.5 lakh dreams and wishes, we can assure you that we take them more seriously than anybody else in this world.

When you first save a rupee with us, we don’t just create a digital piggy bank wallet for you. We make sure that your money is really safe with us. We have a four-digit number and an optional biometric check which will be used to authorize all your refunds and purchases/spends.

Wizely uses multiple security and encryption techniques such as, 264 bit encryption, AES encryption, 4096 bit length Private and Public key certificates for data encryption. Our systems, network and application are audited and tested for vulnerabilities by the best in the industry and certified by top vulnerability assessment companies.Our security implementation is sealed by Norton Secured Seal, the most trusted security seal on the internet.

As we said, we understand that dreams are result of your hard-earned money and commitment. It takes a lot to save money daily and we are thankful to you that you trusted us with your aspirations. With every refund, purchase and goal cancellation, we make sure that we give you a two-step authorization.

With all this, you can be rest assured that you can trust us with your savings.

P.S: Wizely does not share your user details with any third-party entity. We do not encourage such activities because we treat our users like our family.

If you are still having any questions related to your savings please feel free to write us at