Wizely Is Now Open for All

Hi there,

I want to begin by saying I’m sorry. We messed up and I’ll be the first to admit it. We began 2020 with excitement and ambition to give you a new Wizely experience that we believed would excite you.

However, we weren’t able to deliver on this, especially for those of you who aren’t ICICI Bank customers. While we cannot undo the past, I want to take a moment to explain. Working with banks can be an incredibly complex journey leading to many compromises and challenges along the way. Unfortunately, this led to an experience we were not happy with.

Over the past few months, we’ve thought hard about finding solutions to the problems in front of us. This meant undoing some of what we’ve built so far and approaching solutions that may have challenging consequences. Having said this, we were clear on one thing. There would be no compromises in delivering a superior user experience for everyone with no exceptions.

We’ve rebuilt Wizely from the ground up with a clear mission that every interaction you have with us would be in the pursuit of your financial wellness. For us at Wizely, this means:

  • Equipping you with important financial tools and knowledge for your daily financial life. To do this, we are launching budgeting & expense tracking, easy to open Saving Plans with competitive returns & learning and financial knowledge platform called WizeUp.
  • Consistently guiding you with smart tips to ensure staying on track, making smarter financial decisions, and achieving your financial goals. Out of the box, you will receive a thoughtful tip on your dashboard daily and we will continue to add these Smart Tips through the Wizely app to keep you covered
  • Creating a unique financial plan just for you. To give you a sneak peek, we’re working hard to create a feature that will create a financial plan personalised to your needs and your finances. More on this soon :)

With your help, we’re excited to be given another chance and to give you the opportunity to experience a brand new Wizely again. And there’s one last thing, with a new Wizely experience, Wizely also has a new look and we’d love to know what you think.

Make sure to check out our new website.

And remember, the Wizely app is now for everyone! We’re excited to hear what you think.

Nihar Bobba

Team Wizely

Team Wizely