Invite Your Friends & Family to Join Wizely and Earn Rewards

Building better money habits is key to improve your financial health and make better financial decisions. Whether it is about spending within your budget or saving a small amount of money everyday, good money habits will always keep you stress-free with respect to your finances.

At Wizely, we are constantly trying to come up with innovative ways how you can improve your financial health and wellbeing and help those around you to build better financial habits.

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And with that in mind, we are incredibly excited to launch the 'Referral Rewards' on the Wizely app!

What are the Referral Rewards on Wizely?

At Wizely, we are creating a community of people who are passionate about improving their financial health and increasing their financial knowledge.

The Referral Rewards are introduced to motivate you to invite your friends and family to the Wizely community and help them get started on their financial journey. It can be a great way to let them know that you care about their financial well-being and wish to help them take a step ahead in their financial journeys.

All you need to do is share your referral code with your friends and family and help them download the app and create a saving plan on Wizely.

Once your friend or family member creates a Saving Plan on Wizely, you will earn Rs 10 as a reward. And you will earn an additional Rs 30 as a reward if your friend or family member keeps his/her Saving Plan active for 30 days.

Yes, it is that simple!

The rewards will be credited to your account shortly after your friend or family member download the Wizely app and creates their first saving plan with us.

Know more about how to claim your rewards: How to Claim Rewards on Wizely

Isn't this exciting? Invite your friends and family to join Wizely today!

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Team Wizely

Team Wizely