Build Better Money Habits with a Piggy Bank on Wizely

Remember how we used to save money in piggy banks as kids? Traditionally, a piggy bank was a small box or container you could use to save spare coins or cash. The idea was to save up money for any upcoming expense and also get into a habit of savings early on in life.

Now you can create a virtual Piggy Bank on Wizely too and save any amount at any time.

What is a Piggy Bank on Wizely?

At Wizely, we have introduced a Piggy Bank feature to help you save money without any specific goal in mind. You can save any amount you wish, at any time and unlike the physical piggy bank, you can even earn interest on your savings with Wizely.

Watch this video to know how to create a Piggy Bank on Wizely:

Features of Wizely's Piggy Bank

  1. Save any amount at any time without having to think of a target or goal.
  2. You can keep your saving plan open-ended (i.e. without any end date or target amount).
  3. You have the option to choose between two saving paths: a) A short-term savings option with low risk & moderate returns or, b) A long-term savings option with moderate risk & higher returns.
  4. For the Safety & Short-Term option, you can choose between two financial instruments: ICICI Pru Liquid Fund or ICICI flexible Recurring Deposit.
  5. For the Growth & Long-Term option, you can choose between two financial instruments: ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund or ICICI Pru Bluechip Fund.
  6. You can also choose to auto save your money regularly in your Piggy Bank with the auto-save feature on Wizely.
  7. Close your Piggy Bank at any time you wish and the amount will be credited back into your account.

Is it Safe to Use the Piggy Bank on Wizely?

With Wizely, you can be rest assured that your hard earned money is always safe. Wizely has partnered with ICICI Bank and ICICI Prudential and runs on 128-bit encryption, making every transaction safe and secure. You can withdraw your money any time you need it.

At Wizely, we have taken great care to curate a customised experience for all your financial needs. So how you save, what goals you have, what instruments you choose - we take into account everything about your finances and deliver an experience that’s as unique as you.

So what are you waiting for? Create a Piggy Bank on Wizely today!

Team Wizely

Team Wizely