5 Ways To Manage Your Finances During a Pandemic

How well a person manages their performance does not judge money during good times, but by their performance during difficult times. The crisis that the world is fighting today shows us exactly why it is so important to have an emergency fund and save money for uncertain times.

Many major economies are under economic stress, while the health situation is still not clearly under control. We are witnessing significant shifts in government policies and consumer trends throughout the world to withstand this crisis best.

With the world adapting so quickly to the pandemic, let us look at some tips to help us adjust the management of our finances during the epidemic.

Save Money From Salary

Saving money for an emergency fund and keeping a check on unnecessary expenses is one of the first steps to take during uncertain times like these. We are all aware of the economic stress that most economies and companies are in these times, and it is better to be prepared just in case the worst is not behind us. Your emergency fund should at least sustain your lifestyle for six months without any income stream.

Use a Budget Planner  

Creating a low-income budget using any of the many budget planners online can help you manage your expenses better. Having a clear understanding of your expenses helps one prepare better. Given that many people are not going out a lot and have a much simpler lifestyle these days, it could be an excellent time to try living on a no expense budget for a week or whatever period suits one best.

Get a Life and Health Insurance

Financial planning is more about managing risk than about managing returns. While it is good to have a life and health insurance at any time, anyways, these times are when people need it the most. A lot of companies are offering special schemes in light of the crisis at hand. It is always better to look at a few available options and then choose whichever one solves our purpose best. Save money on medical expenses and get insurance as soon as possible.

Avoid Taking Debt

Uncertain times make it much more challenging to plan. It is advisable to divert one’s focus on saving money and protecting one’s assets rather than taking riskier steps. Unless one has a real purpose and a minimal risk plan, it is best to avoid taking up debt in these times. The focus should be on earning interest on savings rather than paying interest on expenses.

Look for Opportunities  

It cannot be ignored that riskier times bring up high reward opportunities. Times like these bring multiple changes and several disruptions in a lot of fields. We can also witness various cultural shifts happening around us regarding people’s buying habits and preferences. If one can identify an opportunity and turn it into a financially feasible plan, it can be a game-changer. However, even such programs should be executed with care and with a proper budget in place.

Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra