Your Journey Towards Financial Wellness Starts with Wizely

Do you always wonder where your hard earned money vanishes by the end of the month? Or how to start saving for your dream vacation? Are investments even meant for you? And what about those complicated financial jargons that bounce right off your head?

Well, don’t we all have just about the same questions when it comes to money - we need it, we get it, we spend it, but can’t seem to save it! Or save most of it and don’t spend where necessary.

What you, and thousands of young minds like you need is an intelligent digital banking buddy who can take care of all your financial needs and help you towards a healthy, secure financial future.

So say hello to all new Wizely - one of India’s fastest-growing apps for personal finance management. Also one of India’s first Neo banks, Wizely’s goal is to help you achieve your financial peace of mind, by taking charge of everyday finances and helping you reach your goals in a timely manner.

What’s New with Wizely?

Through the last couple of years, Wizely has been constantly discussing, understanding and refining the experience based on your feedback and what you need for your financial wellness.

The all new Wizely is a promise, an inspiration, a journey for you towards your financial goals.

We are excited to introduce our new logo design. It's not just good looking. We designed it with a purpose. The three arrows represent the foundation for financial wellness: managing, saving and growing your money. Each arrow is pointing up to the right - which is where we want you and your finances to go!

Through the new logo and new design, Wizely promises that it will deliver personalised guidance and empower you to make your goals a reality by:

  1. Helping you manage monthly cash flow unpredictabilities through smart spending controls,
  2. Building cash flow flexibility through saving for emergencies and planned purchases, and
  3. Growing your money methodically through easy to use financial tools.

The improved look and clutter-free design of the app will help you stay on top of your finances in a convenient, hassle-free manner.

How Will Wizely Help You in Your Financial Journey?

The new Wizely app comes with a plethora of new and intuitive features that will take care of all your money woes.


With the Smart Money feature, you can view all your bank accounts & credit cards information in one place. This feature shows all your bank accounts, balances, and gives you a spending tracker to help you plan your budget.


We firmly believe in the concept of ‘spend smart and never run out of cash’.

So set a monthly budget, and track your daily expenses so that you do not run the risk of overspending. We will help you categorise your monthly expenses to optimise and understand your money habits. And finally Wizely will have recommendations on how you can spend smarter and reach your goals.


We want you to save and grow your money. So you can create flexible Saving Plans and save any amount of money in seconds. Save money for any goal - a vacation, a bike or car, your own YouTube channel, a freelancing gig and save at any time.


To be on top of your finances, you must have a holistic view of your progress. Wizely’s smart, personalised AI alerts will tell you how much to save and when, show you month-end money projections and remind you to improve your financial habits along the way. We are not going to let you let yourself down.


It can be hard to remember to save regularly. So choose to auto save on Wizely - daily, weekly or monthly and watch your savings grow with no sweat.


When we say we want to help you grow your savings, we mean it. Save with Wizely and earn upto 6.4% interest. While you conquer your financial goals, we help you get rewarded for it too!


With Wizely, you can be rest assured that your hard earned money is always safe. Wizely has partnered with ICICI Bank and ICICI Prudential and runs on 128-bit encryption, making every transaction safe and secure. You can withdraw your money any time you need it.

And the best part is that the complete Wizely experience is customised for you - so how you save, what goals you have, what are your fixed expenses, we take into account everything about your finances and deliver an experience that’s as unique as you.

To ensure you get a smooth experience while creating your saving plans, Wizely has partnered with ICICI Bank and ICICI Prudential. Yes, now everyone can save with Wizely!

We are working tirelessly to ensure that you have everything at your fingertips to embark on your journey towards financial freedom.

And like always, we will be there rooting for you!

Download Wizely and let’s get your financial party started.

Team Wizely

Team Wizely