Running Out of Money Every Month? Improve Your Money Habits with Wizely

Are you always running short of money? Do you operate from a place of surplus or scarcity? Are you spending first and saving later? Are you an emotional spender? Are you overcome with fear that you will never have enough money?

Answering these questions can help you understand your relationship with money and help you manage your finances in a smart way.

Your relationship with money is immensely personal and not to mention complex. Your thought process relating to how you acquire, manage and spend money is created during our formative years as a child.

Your circumstances as you grow up coupled with watching how your parents deal with money plays a critical role in determining your own equation with money. Most of us process various money messages throughout our lifespan.

This begs the eternal question –are you frugal with cash in your quest to build financial stability for yourself or are you a spendthrift, even bordering on fiscal irresponsibility? Being on either end of the spectrum is never a good idea.

A healthy balance is important – which means trying to attain a sense of normality when it comes to money management and spending. Like all other relationships in our lives, your relationship with money should aspire to be happy and content.

Financial insecurity and the fear of not having enough drives a lot of your decision-making when it comes to managing your funds.

So if you do not want to make financial decisions out of insecurity or fear, then download Wizely and let us help you identify your money habits and provide step-by-step guidance on how you can manage your finances better. With our personalised smart alerts, you will be on track to managing your finances so that you’re always prepared for the unexpected.

Malvika Rao

Malvika Rao