Save for All Your Financial Goals With Wizely

Do you often lose track of your finances or feel like saving money is a chore? Are you not sure how much to save and when or even when to start saving for something?

Worry not! The good news is that you are not alone.

And a better news is that Wizely can help you with all your money issues and more!

On Wizely, you can choose from a range of Saving Plans designed to suit your every need. From your travel plans to your everyday grocery needs there is a plan meant for everything you need.

You can also earn ‘Extra Value’ each time you successfully complete a plan by earning interest on your savings with Wizely. So you get back more than you saved!

Wizely’s Saving Plans aim to help you diversify your savings into various buckets – groceries, travel, fashion, electronics, etc. This way you can organize your savings, keep yourself accountable and earn extra value on each of your plans!

You can create flexible Saving Plans and save any amount of money in seconds by following these simple steps:

Steps to Make a Saving Plan on Wizely:

  1. Open Wizely app
  2. Go to the ‘Saving’ tab in the Wizely app
  3. Click on ‘Create a New Plan
  4. Choose from a range of financial goals or click on ‘Make a custom plan’ to make a new plan
  5. Give a name to your custom plan
  6. Enter the total amount you would like to save (minimum amount must be Rs. 1000)
  7. Choose the duration you want to achieve your goal in. You can also enter a custom duration as per your preference
  8. You are all set to ‘Make Your First Save
  9. Enable ‘Auto Save’ to automate your savings every month
  10. Choose how often you wish to save (daily, weekly, monthly), the date and the amount you wish to auto-save

That’s it - you are all set to start saving and growing your money with Wizely!

Remember: The key to your financial success is in your hands and Wizely only wishes for you to succeed at every step.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Wizely app now and get started on your journey towards financial wellness!

Happy Savings!

Team Wizely

Team Wizely