How To Manage Expenses Smartly During Chhath Puja

The four-day-long festivals of chhath puja are celebrated on the sixth day of kartik maas. It is six days after the festival of Diwali. This year chhath puja is going to be celebrated on 20th November. Different rituals are performed each day, followed by celebrations, outings, family gatherings, etc. It is one of the last festivals in the whole festival season. This is what makes it so important to plan and budget for this event. Most people exhaust their budgets in the earlier days of the festival season and have a difficult time by the end of it.

Let us look at some smart ways to manage your spending smartly for four days.

  1. Budget for Each Day Separately - One of the most important things to remember when planning for a long event is to ensure that you do not exhaust all your funds in the first few days. Take a good look at your finances and decide on a budget that you will be comfortable with spending during the 4-day puja. Now think about all the spending that you will have to make on different things. This way, you should decide how much money you will need on any given day. If you find that the budget you have taken is higher than your expected spending, you might want to bring it down to avoid unnecessary impulse purchases.
  2. Make Some Purchases in Advance - We all know of all the sweets, gifts, and other stuff that we will need during the puja. If you leave it for the last minute, there is a big chance that you will just go out and buy whatever you find at whatever price. If you plan it, you will have the time to think out your purchases and get the best deal. This will save you money and add much grace to your gifts and preparations since a well thought out plan is always better.
  3. Track Your Expenses - Make it a point to note down all the expenditure you make as you make them and review them each night. It is likely for people to overshoot their budgets in the heat of the moment amidst all the work on festivals. Reviewing your spending for each day will keep you in check and ensure that you do not end up in a difficult situation by the end of the festival season.
  4. Plan Your Evenings - Often, people only plan for the puja and rituals, and after that, think of what to do. This leads them with no option but to go out to have a good time someplace. These things take a significant toll on our wallets if not managed well. The best way to navigate this problem is to pre-plan your evening. This will make sure that you have a good time and keep you aware of your spending for the day from beforehand to prepare for them.
Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra