Business Ideas For Indians Under An Investment Of Rs 10k

Are you looking for business ideas that require an investment of less than Rs 10,000? Check out the list below, and you might find something interesting.

  1. Home Bakery - If you enjoy baking cakes and cookies, this might be a good option. You can efficiently market your business on Instagram and with friends and family. You can also keep experimenting with new products and adding more items to the menu. You can quickly start this business with minimal equipment investment.
  2. YouTuber - If you enjoy making videos or are passionate about anything that you would like to share with the world, Youtube is probably the best place to be. You can begin with minimal equipment investment and add products for better quality as you see some income. This method might not pay off as instantly as a home bakery business, but it has many scalability and growth potential.
  3. Take Tuitions - If you have any skill that you believe people in your community would be willing to pay to learn, then you can begin home tuitions. You can teach school children subjects, art or yoga, an instrument, or anything you could think of. You could even consider taking these tuitions online to reach a wider audience and keep your business relevant even during a pandemic.
  4. Freelancer - If you have any skill that you could use to do small projects for customers, then you could become a freelancer. You could build a website, handle social media, take care of accounts, write code, etc., for clients and companies. Many freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr can list themselves and connect with potential clients. You could even market yourself directly to clients through social media, email, or a website.

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  5. Real Estate Agent - If networking and sales are your strong point, you must consider becoming a real estate agent. This business requires minimal to no expenses and has considerable growth potential. You can begin with understanding the market by building a portfolio of available properties and then starting your marketing and networking to find clients with requirements that match your portfolio properties.
  6. Blogger - If you are passionate about a subject you want to share with the world, blogging is the way to go about it. This business will also require minimal investment with the website setup but has decent growth potential and can provide a relatively stable source of income. The results from this method will not be instantaneous, but with continuous efforts and improvement, you should soon reach your desired goals.
  7. Cloud Kitchen - If you enjoy cooking or are fond of the hospitality industry, cloud kitchens can give you a fantastic opportunity. Now you can run your restaurant from the comfort of your home. Just list your restaurant on food delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato and begin your delivery-only restaurant. You can start with a small menu and expand as per your comfort. You can choose dishes that fall under your investment budget. This business can also be activated with a minimal equipment investment.

You can pursue many ideas, but before you choose any one of them, make sure it interests you. Most of these ideas require full-time effort and take time to build. You should only start working on them if you are sure that you are willing to spend a good part of your life working on them. If you are looking for something temporary, choose an idea that would give instant results and revenue, like a home bakery.

These are a few of the many business ideas you can develop to start a business under Rs. 10,000. It is challenging to start and operate a business, and there are bound to be mistakes on the way. But the only way to learn and avoid those mistakes is by getting started and making those mistakes—best of luck.

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Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra