10 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Summer Travel

Summer is here and we all want some thandi hawa and escape to the mountains for a few days. For any type of travel, financial planning is essential so that you don't end up spending more than you can afford and still have all the fun and masti that you wish for!

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So let's look at some of the top travel hacks that can help you make the most of your summer travel plans, without burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Use Discount Apps for Local Touristry

We agree that finding low-cost round-trip flights is the most excellent way to begin any holiday, but why stop there? Whether it's a music festival or theme park tickets, using discount apps like Living Social and Groupon to purchase tickets to major events and attractions can save you money. For example, festival tickets on these sites can be half the price of those purchased at the door. It constantly asks about your travel memberships to get savings on plane tickets or hotel stays.

2. Plan on Picnics to Cut Food Costs

Picnic weather is often best during the summer months. When you get to your location, go to the grocery shop and fill up snacks and drinks for your hotel room. The prices of the minibar and room service will quickly deplete your budget. Plan a few picnic-style meals over your summer vacation to check your dining out expenses.

3. Be Smart About Tourist Traps

Summer tourism opens the floodgates, resulting in more tourist traps. Restaurant menus are becoming increasingly tourist-oriented, and random strangers give excursions that seem too good to be true. Before committing, consider whether it is a decent deal or a tourist trap disguised as a good deal. Having a more discriminating eye will help you avoid summer travel scams.

4. Pay with the Right Credit Card

Summer vacation expenses are sure to rack up, from hotel rooms to car rentals to food, trips, and sights. Because you'll have to spend money somehow, make sure you're getting something in return. Credit card rewards can be used for your purchases, whether miles, cashback, or no international transaction fees. If you use the correct credit card when travelling, your trip spending can result in savings.

5. Research What's Free and Balance Your Budget Accordingly

Don't start cramming your summer vacation with activities that all cost money. The secret to saving money on summer vacations is to find as many free attractions as possible. Free days at museums and galleries are standard around your visit. Balancing your summer travel budget with a few paid and mostly free attractions can be immensely cost-effective if you travel with family or a group.

Summer travel and sticker shock frequently go hand in one. On the other hand, summer travel doesn't have to break the bank if you use your imagination.

6. Be Beach Ready Before the Beach

Beaches are one of the most popular summer vacation spots. At the same time, the beach may appear inexpensive, particularly for families and parties, but hidden costs are lurking in those waves if you aren't careful. Don't plan on buying everything you'll need on your beach vacation when you arrive. Beach towels, sunscreen, and cool drinks are always more expensive. You'll spend less money when you arrive if you bring most of your goods from home. Even if you have to carry an empty bag on the aircraft, it will still be less expensive than purchasing a single beach towel.

7. Think About Renting Out your Home

It can help you save money on travel and possibly make money depending on where you live and travel.

You might hunt for a renter on Craigslist, but you could also advertise your place on Airbnb or VRBO or consider a house swap on Home Exchange.

8. Opt for Off-Season

This tip is our number one. Accommodations, tours, and even food will be much higher if you travel during the off-season or the holidays.

While travelling in the off-season. There are no tourists, and you can get apartments and hostels at a discounted rate. Travelling off-season can help you find cheap hotels, ferry discounts, and half-price tours.

9. Travel on a Non-Peak Day or Time

Travelling earlier during the week (Monday or Tuesday vs Thursday or Friday) usually means better prices. The return trip of the day will be less expensive than the first.

10. Open a Bank Account That Is Travel-Friendly

You want one that allows you to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide without incurring any fees.

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Samiksha Jaiswal

Samiksha Jaiswal