Amazon and Flipkart Diwali Sales: 8 Tips To Find the Best Deals

The much awaited Amazon Great Indian Festival and Flipkart Big Billion Days sales have been on and we are all too excited shopping for our favourite products. E-commerce has changed shopping experience in unimaginable ways. The tech giants have become so influential that customers now postpone their purchases awaiting the Amazon Diwali sale each year.

Have you also been postponing your Diwali purchases to get best deals during these online shopping sales? If yes, then let us look at 8 quick tips that you can use to find the best deals shopping online.

  1. Use the Right Credit/Debit Card - Both these websites offer different additional discounts on using a particular credit/debit card. If you have the given card then you should keep it handy while making the purchase. Even if you do not have that particular card, it would make sense to ask for it from your friend if the discount is close to 5%. You can easily Google Pay him the amount for no cost.
  2. Read Product Description Carefully - A lot of times people come across a great deal and instantly take it just by looking at product pictures. However many of these pictures have additional items displaced in them while they are not a part of the package that you are ordering. Make sure you read the product descriptions well before you place your order.
  3. Compare Prices Including Shipping - Always enter the shipping address during online sale in advance. This will let you see the delivery charges of the products you are choosing beforehand. Now you can compare deals by comparing the prices that you will actually have to pay for the same product offered by multiple sellers.
  4. Be First - Amazon Great Indian Festival as well as Flipkart Big Billion Day also have some genuinely once in a year offers that you would not want to miss. The only catch is that these offers run out of stock pretty fast. So if there is something you really want to buy make sure to book your calendar for as soon as the online sale starts and be the first one to press buy.
  5. Cheap is Not Always the Best Deal - If you are buying a product in online sale that does not particularly have a brand that you can rely on, do not always go for the cheapest deal. Read the reviews, see what problems other users faced and then make an informed choice.
  6. Understand EMI Rules Well - Many deals that offer no cost EMI often do so by inflating the pricing to adjust for that money. Make sure you check the prices of that product on Myntra Diwali sale as well as other websites before believing all the discounts you are being offered.
  7. Use Wallets - If you find a deal that is offering an additional discount if you pay from your wallet and you do not have one, go ahead and create a wallet. Even if you do not wish to keep money in your wallet you can just add the amount you need to pay for the particular deal you are taking.
  8. Check on App too - There are some deals that are exclusively offered on the mobile app only. Make sure you check deals on both their website as well as their application.
Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra