What is Wizely?

Wizely wants to make every wish and aspiration of yours a reality. Wizely is here to help you not only plan and save for your wishes but also help you make them a reality in the most affordable way. With Wizely, you can plan for your upcoming purchases, start saving in flexible installments over a period of time and buy guilt-free without taking debt.

What is a Saving Plan?

Wizely has introduced different plans for you to save for your wishes.

Flexi Plan - If you are not sure what you are saving for, then you can choose the Flexi Plan. As the name suggests, it offers you 100% freedom to save & spend at your own speed.

Fixed Saving Plans - It is all in the name. These are simple plans with a ‘purpose’ to help you start your savings journey in a few minutes. Each plan is tied to a popular brand & guarantees added Wizely Benefits.

How do I save money in the Wizely app?

To start saving, click on the ‘Save’ button on your home page of the Wizely app. Enter an amount and choose your saving method. You can choose between UPI, debit card and net banking options.

Note : The maximum limit to save daily with your Wizely app is Rs.20,000 and the maximum limit to save monthly with your Wizely app is Rs.1,00,000

What is Wizely Extra Value?

Just like a bank gives interest, Wizely offers Extra Value on savings each time you save.

How can I get my savings back?

Click on ‘Refund Savings’ in the profile section of the Wizely app. You can choose between UPI and Bank account as your refund method. In most cases, your savings are transferred instantly but in some cases, it might take up to 3-5 business days.